Better Material, Better Rollers

A distributor of stretch wrapping equipment approached us about a problem they were having with transit rollers on the main carriage of a particular type of stretch wrapping machine that was putting an unusual load on the rollers – compressive, bending and impact. These rollers had been made from black acetal engineered plastic, an excellent material for many applications, for years. But in this application, they were breaking, in some cases after only days or weeks of operation, due to the conditions and the acetal’s limitations under the combination of loads. We were asked to find a cost-effective material that could withstand the conditions for long periods without failing catastrophically. After learning as much as we could about the specific nature of the loads and conditions the part sees, we chose a machinable thermoset polyester composite material from which to produce these parts. During testing, the distributor was not able to make the rollers fail, even in conditions exceeding those the parts would see in application. And after a significant amount of time in actual operation, no parts have failed or show measurable wear. The customer has now specified this material for all new and replacement rollers for this machine. The OEM of these machines is also changing to the composite material for these rollers as the standard offering on all production and eliminating the acetal as well.

The benefits to this solution were many: the customer does not have to send service technicians into the field to replace these rollers, the end users do not lose time in production, which could be hours to days for each failure, and the cost of the new rollers is comparable to the acetal rollers that had been a long-term problem, making for a tangible financial and performance benefit to the distributor and their customers.

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