Acrylic Edge Polishing Quality Solution

A customer who produces upscale acrylic furniture came to us with a problem they were encountering with the edge finish on thick gage acrylic. They were cutting the acrylic, then hand sanding multiple times with increasingly higher grit levels of sand paper, followed with flame polishing for the final, smooth, highly polished edge they needed. Even using this costly, labor-intensive process, they did not get the consistent polished edge quality they sought. They hoped we could provide them with an alternative method of polishing the acrylic that would solve the problems with the inconsistent edge quality and very high labor costs.

We worked with our customer to utilize our Weeke Diamond Polisher to finish the edges of their parts, followed by a buffing process to obtain a consistent, clear, highly polished edge that fully met their needs. We were able to take this process completely out of their shop and reduce their total cost to obtain the high optical quality edge they were not able to consistently obtain themselves.

We always seek to meet or exceed our customers’ needs while providing cost effectiveness that allows them to go to market with the highest quality products at competitive pricing. How can we help your business grow and prosper?