cdc cnc1aECS Enterprises: Your Source for Metals Manufacturing

Welcome to ECS Enterprises, Inc. When it comes to metal fabrication, we are your best partner. Inside our state-of-the-art facility which covers over 23,500 square feet, we provide a full range of CNC machining capabilities and engineering expertise. As an industry leader, we value innovation and accurate results for our clients, and our commitment to quality ensures that your manufacturing and merchandising needs are addressed creatively and with the highest technical knowledge available.

From One to One Million

No matter how many prototypes you need, we have the tools and skill to fit the bill. Whether you’re looking for one prototype of your latest invention, or a run of one million metal pieces, ECS Enterprises is your source. Our metal fabrication capabilities are top-of-the-line, using CNC machining to ensure accuracy. We handle honing, grinding, welding, and more—all in one convenient location. Come to us for fixture design, anodizing, power coating, or anything else on the metals side.

To make it even easier to choose us, we provide free quotes on any project. When we say any project, we mean it. Whether it’s one piece or one million, we’ll give you a quick, obligation-free quote. It’s that simple! We’re confident that when you see how ECS Enterprises can cut costs and save you money, our high quality will speak for itself.

CNC Machining – Accurate. Exact. Every Time.

CNC manufacturing is the best way to ensure consistent quality. When you invest in computer numerical control, you invest in speed and safety. The automation of processes means that the operator is a safe distance away. We use sensitive internal quality assurance detectors which stop operation immediately when an error occurs. This means fewer resources are wasted, so that we always take full advantage of raw materials. With higher efficiency, better accuracy, and decreased waste, you save money on your bottom line.

ECS Enterprises provides solutions for an array of technical applications. We specialize in turnkey projects and custom design. Our research and development team is always an integral part of our manufacturing and quality control processes, bringing you a better product for lower cost. If you’re interested in how CNC machining can help your business operations, contact us. We’d be happy to talk with you about what ECS Enterprises can offer. Call (800) 828-1321 today!




Our company boasts a state-of-the-art facility in one of the nation’s premier manufacturing centers. Our specialties include metals fabrication and CNC machining. In fact, our full range of CNC capabilities enables us to provide solutions for an array of technical applications. No matter what your manufacturing or merchandising needs may be, we’ll work closely with you to provide innovative, cost effective solutions.

Our facility and expertise makes us the perfect choice for:
•     Anodizing
•     CNC Machining
•     CNC Programming
•     Consulting Services
•     Design & Development
•     Fixture Design & Manufacturing
•     Honing & Grinding
•     Machined Part Inspection
•     Machining Stainless Steel & Aluminum
•     Metal Fabrication
•     Powder Coating
•     Prototyping
•     Tooling Design
•     Tools & Parts Manufacturing
•     Turnkey Projects
•     Welding & Engineering

Our state of the art equipment includes:
•     CNC Mill & Lathe
•     CNC Machining Centers
•     CNC Lasers
•     EDM
•     Fabrication Equipment
•     Manual Equipment

We are committed to excellence. Whether you have a turnkey project or a customized prototype, we have the experience, equipment, and expertise to make it happen. You will benefit from our long-lasting partnerships with high quality suppliers and our innovative research and development team. To learn more about our processes, contact us today. We can answer any questions you might have and help you get started on your next big project.